Nusa Penida Scholarships program 4th Phase

We continued our join program with Rotary Club of Seminyak to deliver scholarships for students in Nusa Penida Island. In this 4th phase, 30 scholarships were given for XI grader high school students from 4 different schools.

Some students were selected for their impressive academic achievement while others were chosen because of the economic hardship that they suffer. For the latter, recommendations from the teachers were highly regarded as they had more knowledge about their students.

Four scholarships delivered to students of SMK Nusa Penida.

Another four scholarship delivered to SMA1 Nusa Penida.

As part of the program, IDR 200,000 will be delivered for each student in the next four month. All recipients have complete freedom on how they use the money.

We would like to show our highest gratitude to the Rotary Club of Seminyak for their support on this scholarships program. This program would not be possible without their generous financial support since the beginning of the program.

Ten scholarship delivered to Tanglad Highschool

Ten scolarships delivered to SMA Satu Atap Klumpu.

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