How To Take Crowdfunding To A Tiny Tropical Island

A beautiful Bali Starling at Tiny Tropical Island of Nusa Penida. (Photo taken by David Liem)

Bali’s tiny Nusa Penida island is a very special kind of place, far off the tourist track.

It’s home to a unique santuario per gli uccelli in via di estinzione, the only one of its kind in Indonesia. Our sanctuary has helped bring the precious Bali starling back from the brink of extinction.

We’re ramping up our projects on Nusa Penidawhich include reforestation and community developmentand need to raise funds to buy a truck that we can convert into a mobile classroom.

Come over and check out our first ever crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogowe’re excited. We know not everyone can donate, either way we would be in your if you could help us spread the word

Please share our crowdfunding campaign with your friends.

Getting close to $10,000!  We’ve had financiers, our previous volunteers, engineers, teachers, doctors, marine biologists, and many more! Join this fantastic group and get us to $10,000!

Thank you for our generous funders :

  1. Abraham Armada
  2. Lily wardoyo
  3. Peter A Hatcher
  4. Scott Martin12
  5. David Einstein
  6. Gayle Felbain
  7. Alan el-kadhi
  8. John Keegan
  9. Guillaume Douay
  10. Catherine J Willis
  11. Anonymous
  12. Camille R Baudot
  13. Joani Cornish
  14. Phyllis Kaplan
  15. Lucinda Coates
  16. Patricia Turnbull
  17. Yeni Vicino

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