Another New Members At Bali Wildlife Rescue Center

On May 17th 2016 we welcomed new members in our Bali Wildlife Rescue Center (BWRC). The animals arrived at our place right before sunset. They were brought on a pick-up truck by the local park ranger (known locally as Polisi Hutan). The animals were confiscated by the Indonesian Nature Conservation Agency (also known as BKSDA). Ci sono 18 animals whereof some of them are protected by Indonesian law. Another 8 animals arrived on May 26th 2016. Most of them were confiscated by BKSDA from the local people who keep the birds for various reasons.

New Member at BWRC.

New Member at BWRC.

In total there are 26 animals from 10 different species. From those numbers, several of them are considered endangered. L' Tanimbar corella is considered as nearly threatened while the Salmon crested cockatoo is considered as vulnerable. The most endangered species of them all is the Black winged starling which is considered as critically endangered.

New members are arriving to our center.

New members are arriving to our center.

The story behind each animal is still a mystery. When our staff tried to investigate about their story, all they found are unreliable rumors about the origins of the animals. All we know is some of the animals were kept in cages as pets while others were destined to be moved somewhere else.

Two hornbills are adapting to their new home.

Two hornbills are adapting to their new home.

We are very happy to receive 9 Black winged starlings from BKSDA. This bird is considered very rare in the wildlife and very expensive in the black market. Its popularity is due to its rarity and its beautiful voice. Conservation work for this bird is very difficult because not only it is hunted to the brink of extinction but also its habitat was destroyed due to changes in agricultural practice in the Island of Bali and Lombok. Thankfully with the support from Humane Society International of Australia we can take care all these animals and release them in the future. We also want to say our highest gratitude to BKSDA who has been working hard with FNPF on protecting the wildlife in Bali.

One of the new Black winged Starling.

One of the new Black winged Starling.

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Anggi, 2016.

English Name

Latin Name

Indonesian Name



Aceros undulatus

Julang Emas


Oriental pied hornbill

Anthracoceros albirostris



Salmon-crested cockatoo

Cacatua moluccensis

Kakatua Seram


Tanimbar corella

Cacatua Goffini

Kakatua Tanimbar


Eleonora cockatoo

Cacatua g. eleonora

Kakatua Jambul Kuning


Eclectus parrot

Eclectus rotarus

Nuri Banyan


Green peafowl

Pavo muticus



Malayan porcupine

Hystrix branchyura



Saltwater crocodile

Crocodylus porosus



Back winged starling

Sturnus melanopterus

Jalak Putih


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