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Below are links to national and international coverage of FNPF’s work by newspapers, magazines, websites and radio.

We have featured in National Geographic, the Sydney Morning HeraldUSA TodayScientific American, and in-flight magazines by Jetstar and Garuda Indonesia airlines among many, many others.


A great privilege being volunteer - Humane Society International, Jan 2014

Minister releases endangered Bali starlings – Tempo, Jan 2014

Endangered Bali Starlings Given New Home on Island Bird Sanctuary – Jakarta Globe, Dec 2013

Minister to release endangered birds – Jakarta Post/Bali Daily, Dec 2013

Berubah demi Si Jalak Bali – Harian Kompas, Dec 2013

Curik Melukis Alam Nusa Penida – Harian Kompas, Nov 2013

Sunday Species Snapshot: Bali Myna – Scientific American, Oct 2013

Islands Close to Bali – USA Today, 2013

Four starling chicks hatched in Bali – Tempo, Oct 2013

Four Bali starling babies grace Nusa Penida – Bail Daily/Jakarta Post, Oct 2013

Giving Back on Nusa Penida – Now! Bali Magazine, Oct 2013

One World - Yak magazine, Sept 2013

Silent actions speak loudest – Be Movement (Singapore), 16 Aug 2013

Making a haven for Bali Starlings in Nusa Penida – Bali Daily, 20 July 2013

Une nouvelle annee de succes pour l’action de la FNPF – La Gazette de Bali, June 2013

Bye Bye Birdie – Bali Discovery, June 2013

The veterinary degree – a traveler’s companion – Australian Veterinary Journal, May 2013

Nusa Penida – Bali’s undiscovered little sister and the FNPF bird sanctuary – Travelling Bali, May 2013

Rumours of black magic are not the only charms of Nusa Penida – Hellobali, May 2013

New book to promote animal conservation – Jakarta Post/Bali Daily, May 2013

Three schools in Nusa Penida, Bali, join Sandwatch in Indonesia – UNESCO, February 2013

The rare Bali Starling – Birds of Eden, Plattenberg Bay-South Africa

From Bali Starling Sanctuary to Community Development – Bali Advertiser, Jan 2013

Nusa Penida: paradise under siege – South China Morning Post, November 2012

The Bali starlings of Nusa Penida –, October 2012

How do you protect a bird from extinction? – TEDxUbud, June 2012

The brighter side of Bali – Green Lifestyle Magazine, Jan 2012

Bali governor supports Bali starling conservation – Humane Society International newsletter, 2012 (pg 25)

About Nusa Penida and FNPF –

Nusa Penida Black magic island Part 1 – National Geographic, 2012

Nusa Penida Black magic island Part 2 – National Geographic, 2012

The Mascot of Bali, Surviving Extinction – Metro Bali, 2012

Three for the Trees – Bali Advertiser, 2012 (click here for PDF with photos)

An Island Sanctuary – Garuda Indonesia in-flight Magazine, 2012

Pastika unveils Internet, releases rare birds on remote island – The Jakarta Post, 2011

Gubernur lepas burung jalak dan pantau kegiatan sosial – Pers Indonesia, 2011

Pelepasliaran Burung Jalak Bali – BALI TV, 2011

Jalak Putih Dalam Ancaman Kepunahan – Berita Bali, 2011

Jalak Bodas Terancam Punah – Green Radio, 2011

Bali Starling Release – FNPF, 2011

Gubernur Implementasikan Tri Hita Karana – Web Portal Pemerintah Provinsi Bali, 2011

Gubernur Bali Rilis Burung Bali Lambang Kepunahan “Jalak Bali” di Nusa Penida (Bali) – Indonesia Pos, 2011

Conserving Bali Starling in Ubud - TNOL Community Journalism, 2011

Conserving Bali Starling in Ubud – Indonesian Ecotourism Community, 2011

Close to Bali, Worlds apart – Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 2011

Jalak Bali ou le succès d’une tentative de préservation – La Gazette de Bali, 2011 (The Bali Starling and the successful attempt to preserve it from extinction)

A Flock of Hope for the Future – Bali Advertiser, 2011

Offering Freedom in Flight – Jakarta Post 2011 (front page feature article)

Religion holds key to Conservation – Jakarta Post 2011

Inspiring work on Nusa Penida island – Ubud Community magazine 2011

Bird release marks 5 years of Bali’s conservation efforts – Jakarta Post 2011

A Safe Haven for the Bali Starling – UbudLife Magazine 2011

FNPF celebrates success of Bali Staring Conservation – Bali News, 2011

Tropical paradise at work - Jetstar Magazine, 2011

Bush Matters – Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW, 2010 (pg 12)

To Wing on a Prayer – Lory Conservation network, 2010

Bali Starling - Wikipedia

A Sanctuary in the Making … saving the Bali Starling on Nusa Penida - Greenspeak, 2010

Dr Bayu Wirayudha: Friends of the National Parks - Bali Advertiser, 2010

Humane Society International extends the Wildlife Land Trust to Nusa Penida, Bali – Humane Society International (Australia) newsletter 2010

The Bali Starling – brought back from the edge of extinction - Zoo News Digest, March 2009

Inspirational vet saves a species from extinction – CLICK a Cultural Connection, 2009

Indonesian vet saves the endangered Bali Starling - Suite 101, 2009

Where Tigers end and Bali Starlings begin – Bali Advertiser, 2009

Nusa Penida: A Sanctuary for the endangered Bali Starling - Jakarta Post, 2008

L’étourneau de Bali renaît comme un phénix - La Gazette de Bali, 2008 (The rebirth of the Bali Starling, like a Phoenix)

Bali Starlings thriving on Nusa Penida -, 2008

Back into the Wild - Mauitime magazine, 2008

Released Bali Mynah find safe home on Nusa Penida - Jakarta Post, 2007

Activists plan program to fight mynah poachers - Jakarta Post, 2007

Nusa Penida Sanctuary -, 2007

Bali Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) takes flight to Nusa Penida – Birding Asia, June 2007

Nusa Penida, model terbaik konservasi Jala Bali (Nusa Penida, the best model for conservation) - Bali Post, 2007

Jalak Bali di Nusa Penida (Bali Starling on Nusa Penida) - Garta Magazine, 2006

End of the road for Bali Starling - 1999 and postscript 2005


Poached wildlife trapped in Bali – Jakarta Post, Dec 2013

Muster of Endangered Birds Set Free in East Java National Park – Jakarta Expat, Dec 2013

Rare Javan Green Peafowls Return Home – Jakarta Globe, 19 Nov 2013

Lima Merak Jawa Kembali ke Habitat Alami Mereka di TN Alas Purwo – Mongabay Indonesia, 20 Nov 2013


TK Bhayangkari: Ajak Anak Mencintai Pohon dan Hutan – Borneo News, 1 Mei 2016

Palm oil threat to orangutans – Gulf News, 21 Nov 2013

Silent actions speak loudest – Be Movement (Singapore), 16 Aug 2013

Ride to rescue of orangutans – Manly Daily, March 2012

Eden recreated – restoring Kalimantan’s degraded forests by Farquhar Stirling – Humane Society International (Australia) newsletter, 2012 (pg 23)

Riding for Rangas 2012 – Ronny Krueger, Geri Roggiero, and friends

Urgent appeal to protect Orangutan habitat – Humane Society International Australia, 2012

My trip to Borneo Indonesia – Artists for Conservations (Geraldine Simmons)

RAN’s work pays off in Indonesia – Rainforest Action Network, 2010

Gunung Kidul guy shines -, 2010

The water’s getting lower … - Orangutan Foundation, October 2009

Pesalat (Kalimantan) Reforestation project - Click a Cultural Connection, 2009

Slow boats to Orangutans (Central Kalimantan) - Jakarta Post Weekender, 2008

FNPF’s world winning Orangutan awareness campaign in Jakarta, Indonesia

Reforestation with Friends of the National Parks Foundation, Borneo – Taronga Zoo website

Global Mercury Project Awareness Campaign in Indonesia - 2007

Orangutan centre gets a makeover - Jakarta International School, 2007

Sun Bear release, Borneo – Humane Society International Newsletter, 2004

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