Independence Day Wettbewerbe auf Nusa Penida helfen Studenten und Gemeinschaft Erfahren Sie mehr über Naturschutz und Umwelt

August, 20 2013 – Students from Junior and Senior High Schools across Nusa Penida commemorated Indonesia’s Independence Day by joining conservation competitions organised by Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF).

I Made Damaianto, Assistant Director of FNPF, thanked participants for their enthusiastic response, and said, “We are delighted to see so many young people taking part in today’s event. The more people that participate in this competition, the more people become interested in conservation and the environment.”

The competition, which had the theme “Conservation on Nusa Penida”, was held over two days on August 16 und 17. Over recent years FNPF has played an important role in the Independence Day celebrations on Nusa Penida, by promoting respect for the environment.

The activities include a Recycling Competition, an English Speech Contest, a Conservation Quiz, and a Drawing and Painting Competition.

Hundreds of people from the wider Nusa Penida community came each day to support the students who took part in the various competitions, and there was an atmosphere of excitement, with a lot of laughter and applause.

Pak Damaianto also extended thanks and appreciation to FNPF’s generous sponsors from Humane Society International of Australia (HSI), the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, and the Rotary Club Bali of Seminyak, whose generous on-going support of the work of FNPF makes this event possible.

He also recognised FNPF volunteers from Ireland, France, England, Switzerland; the Nusa Penida youth organisation “Forum Komunikasi Krama Muda Nusa Penida”; FNPF scholarship recipients who helped run the event, and last but not least, the principals and teachers from each school for their effort in supporting the students who participated in the competitions.

“Bringing people a little closer to nature is what these activities are all about, “ said Pak Damaianto. “We hope that by building connections to the environment we can encourage the people of Nusa Penida to build their environmental consciousness, and encourage schools in Nusa Penida and surrounding islands to include conservation education activities as part of the overall curriculum.”

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