Veränderbare Hawk-eagle freigegeben

Press Release – 04 MAY 2013

Freunde der Nationalpark-Stiftung (FNPF), an Indonesian conservation NGO, has released an endangered Changeable Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) at Bengkel anyar, Sengkelan, Penebel village, near protected forest at Mt Batukaru.

The bird, which was released on 2 Mai 2013, hat bei der FNPF Bali Wildlife Rescue Center betreut worden (BWRC) bei Tabanan seit April letzten Jahres. It was confiscated by the Bali Bureau of the Department of Forestry’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA).

“When this eagle arrived at our centre he didn’t know how to hunt. He has undergone treatment and rehabilitation, and we have taught him to hunt for food.  We make sure  the animals still have an animal instinct,  because our goal is to release all of them back into the wild,” says FNPF Founder and CEO Dr I Gede Nyoman Bayu Wirayudha.

FNPF works to protect wildlife and its habitat, zur gleichen Zeit wie die Unterstützung der lokalen Gemeinden. Our conservation projects, , die die wechselseitige Abhängigkeit der Tierwelt respektieren, Lebensraum und die Menschen vor Ort, sollen ganzheitlich sein, sustainable and have been internationally recognized by organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme, die Whitley Fund for Nature, und der Rainforest Action Network.

Unsere Tabanan Rettungszentrum, einer von nur sieben solcher Zentren in Indonesien, wurde für die Pflege eingestellt, rehabilitation and release of native endangered wildlife. Most of the birds and primates we care for are the victims of illegal trading and poaching. We currently look after about 50 animals and birds – including cockatoos, Pfauen, gibbons and macaques. FNPF runs the centre with the support of the BKSDA, and with funding from the Humane Society International (Australien).

Changeable hawk-eagles are medium to large raptors, which  breed on the Indian Subcontinent, mainly in India, Sri Lanka and from the southeast rim of the Himalayas across Southeast Asia to Philippines and Indonesia.

They are among the endangered species listed under the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Einige der Bedrohungen für diese Vögel sind Lebensraumzerstörung, opportunistische Wilderei, und illegale Abschüsse. This species is becoming endangered both in Indonesia and in the Philippines, where it used to be abundant. The shrinking population of this predator is particularly attributable to the damage of its habitat and poaching.

Prior to the eagle’s release, a special Hindu ceremony was held. The event was attended by FNPF’s board, staff and friends, BKSDA staff, and local people.

Unfortunately a second before the release, the Hawk Eagle got free by himself. Luckily no one was attacked and he flew away into the branch of big nearby tree. He was perched on a tree stump and didn’t move for a long time looking totally relaxed, but after a while he finally moved. Thank you for Simon Evan for providing us location to released the bird.

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