Scientific Research

Below are scientific research papers completed by volunteers working with FNPF.

If you would like to work as a volunteer and conduct research at any of our project sites, please email us at Your email should include your proposal, clearly describing your research plan and objectives.

Java Sparrow: A Post Release Study for the FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation) Bird Sanctuary (Research completed by Natalie Curd, November 2011)

An observational study of Nusa Penidas Herpetofauna: A preliminary examination of the islands biodiversity (Research for FNPF by Sami Asad, October 2011)

The Successful Conservation Efforts of Friends of the National Parks Foundation’s Bali Bird Sanctuary: A Field Study Assessment (Research for FNPF by Olivia Gilmore, October 2010)

Restoration of Lowland Tropical Rainforests in Kalimantan, Indonesia (Research by Akane Nishimura, Graduate Student, Institute of the Environment, UCLA, 2008)

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