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  • On Location at FNPF's Pesalat Reforestation Program

    WANTED Green Media Superhero Indonesia

    Our Communications Manager is heading back to uni! We urgently need a passionate environmental communications professional at FNPF Indonesia, a front-line, grassroots conservation & community development NGO based in Ubud, Bali with multiple​ projects in Kalimantan, Bali & Nusa Penida.

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  • Cans For Kids Project working together with FNPF

    Cans For Kids Project working together with FNPF

    The ‘Cans For Kids Project’ - a fundraising and social outreach initiative by Year 5 & 6 students at Our Lady of Hope School in Adelaide, South Australia – provides micro-financing funds for Balinese children in need from the sale of recyclable plastic bottles, cans and fruit boxes.

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  • Coming Up

    Coming Up

    * October : Philanthropist explorers to visit Nusa Penida ** December : “Christmas on the Green” - Please join us!

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  • Baby Agile gibbon rescued in Bali from smugglers. FNPF is urgently seeking financial help to cover the costs of the food and care they need. Photo supplied by WCU

    Endangered Young Gibbons Rescued From Wildlife Traders

    Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) is caring for a group of endangered juvenile gibbons rescued on Bali from wildlife traders who illegally smuggled the endangered primates from the forests of Kalimantan, Borneo and Sumatra.

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  • Blessed to be free

    Blessed to be free

    FNPF projects cover some of the most stunning, diverse cultural and natural heritage across the Indonesian archipelago. From Kalimantan, Borneo to the island groups of greater Bali – we present from our field sites and daily staff journeys a new photo essay collection representing the best of our work.

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  • FNPF Forest Friend #1

    FNPF Forest Friend #1

    Hadran (56), a former illegal-logger turned friend of the forest – is now an FNPF Forester in and around Tanjung Puting National Park, in Central Kalimantan – vital habitat in the world’s tropical ecosystem. For a decade, Hadran earned a living clearing trees before he finally found his “eureka moment” ...

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  • Meet sisters Karen Joseph (left) & Alanie Joseph (right). Both enrolled at the University of Queensland, Karen (18) studies a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Diploma in Spanish, while big sister Alanie (21) is a student of Bachelors of Economics/Laws.

    Volunteer Holidays

    “Twin” Australian sisters Alanie & Karen Joseph volunteered at FNPF Nusa Penida recently during a break from university studies – we caught up with them on the island and here is what they had to say about their experience.

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  • “Sabrina” in the jungle

    FNPF Star volunteer #1

    Introducing our first “FNPF Star Volunteer” – to recognize the talents and efforts of our global volunteers we will feature a “star” story each issue.

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  • Seized birds of prey return to the wild

    Seized birds of prey return to the wild

    Born to be wild, confiscated birds of prey cared for by veterinarians at the FNPF Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre are being released to freedom inside protected forest sanctuaries, in the mountains of Bali. To the tune of traditional ceremonies captured Changeable Hawk-eagles and Brahminy kites endemic to Southeast Asia returned ...

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  • Taking boat trip to work in jungle, Tanjung Puting National Park


    Borneo & Nusa Penida, Bali

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  • One Simple Thing You Can Do To Help Save Endangered Turtles

    One Simple Thing You Can Do To Help Save Endangered Turtles

    We are pleased to bring you our handcrafted Turtle Saver Bracelet, made from gemstone beads with a beautiful turtle charm. It makes a perfect souvenir or gift and all profits from the sale will go towards turtle conservation projects.

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  • Donations Needed To Help Endangered Young Gibbons Rescued From Wildlife Traders

    Donations Needed To Help Endangered Young Gibbons Rescued From Wildlife Traders

    Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) is caring for a group of endangered juvenile gibbons which have just been rescued from wildlife traders.

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Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) is an Indonesian conservation not-for-profit organization working to protect wildlife and its habitat, at the same time as supporting local communities.

Our projects have been recognized globally by organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme, the Whitley Fund for Nature and the Rainforest Action Network.

FNPF was set up 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservationists. We receive no government funding and rely solely on the support of volunteers and donors. Read more about what we do or check out our supporters and donors.



  • Saving one of the world’s rarest birds and Bali’s emblem bird, the Bali starling, from the brink of extinction in the wild
  • The reforestation of more than 415 hectares – that’s equal to about 775 football fields – of national park and wildlife reserve in Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo





Scientific AmericanSunday Species Snapshot: Bali Myna

“Notable conservation programs: The Bali Starling Conservation Project on Nusa Penida, which this month celebrated the birth of four healthy chicks … “

USA TodayIslands Close to Bali

“Although the hilly island of Nusa Penida has few provisions for tourists, it is a noteworthy destination for wildlife enthusiasts. An informal island-wide protective bird sanctuary has been established there by the nonprofit Friends of the National Parks Foundation.”

National Geographic (Indonesia)Kearifan Tradisi Awig-Awig Hidupkan Kembali Jalak Bali

Jakarta Globe - Conservationists Claim Success With Starlings

“FNPF, working to protect wildlife and its habitat while supporting local communities, has been deeply involved in transforming Nusa Penida into an unofficial bird sanctuary and a haven for the Bali starling.”

Sydney Morning HeraldClose to Bali, Worlds apart

“The project has been a runaway success …”

South China Morning PostNusa Penida: paradise under siege

“The birds released on Nusa Penida do well; over on Bali, where they used to try to free them in the hope they would repopulate their indigenous grounds, poachers snapped them up in no time.”

Garuda in-flight magazineAn Island Sanctuary

“The organisation’s strength is in creating community-based conservation by combining programmes that directly improve local communities through education scholarships, agro-forestry and eco-tourism.”

Jetstar in-flight magazine -Tropical paradise at work

“Dr Bayu Wirayudha, the charismatic leader of FNPF, believes the volunteer program is about cultural exchange as it is about helping in the field.”


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