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Our current front yard

(ANNOUNCEMENT) We Have a New Home

After making Ubud our home for the last 11 years, we’re now moving to Pejeng Village, which is a beautiful area, 15 minutes away from Ubud.

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Bird Release at Besikalung 2015

The Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus), having undergone a 3-year rehab in FNPF Bali Wildlife Rescue Center, is finally back in nature.

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Mr Bayu Wirayudha gave a speech to the audiences.

The Inauguration of Kubu Konservasi

The once quite hill suddenly exploded with life as hundreds of guests arrived from all over Nusa Penida and Bali main land.

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Our staff, Samson, blessing the caged bird.

Bird Release at Clean Lake Buyan Event

The eagle is one of the many graduates from BWRC (Bali Wildlife Rescue Center) that has been successfully rehabilitated and trained for over a year in the facility.

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A Glimpse of Kubu Konservasi FNPF

Conservation For All

Friends of the National Parks Foundation has come a long way, and the unveiling of the much anticipated Kubu Konservasi FNPF on Nusa Penida Island on the 13th of April 2015 marks the moment.

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2015 Special Offer

We’re encouraging those who want to help us saving save the wildlife and habitat, and as well as support the communities, in Kalimantan by giving you all a special offer for 2015.

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Learn and Blend In on The Island

Learn and Blend In on The Island

On the 12th January 2015, a group of youths came from Bunburry Cathedral Grammar School in Australia to Nusa Penida to spend a few days with us.

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Join Us! Urgently Needed!

Calling the environmental enthusiasts to join us! We have two jobs opening for those who is passionate about wildlife and habitat.

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Are You Passionate About Environmental Education?

Do you want to help children in Nusa Penida, Bali and Lamandau River, Central Kalimantan, grow their love of their home through environmental education? Friends of the National Parks Foundation is looking for a Conservation Facilitator to do just that – if that’s you then here is what we need;

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Thatching coconut-leaf roofing and applying stonemasonry to the new village landscape was all in a day’s work alongside bungalow builders who used donated bamboo, coconut and other local timbers.

Spirit of Community at FNPF Nusa Penida new village

Local islander volunteer Pak Kentung has gifted months of energy & inspiration - working with FNPF and other community volunteers to help bring vision to reality – at the new FNPF Community Centre, now well under way at Ped Beach, on Nusa Penida. A hive of daily activity, the new ...

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Official Bali starling sanctuary protection nears Indonesian government approval

Bali, Indonesia - 15 October, 2014: NUSA PENIDA islands, off Bali, will soon be an official Bali starling bird sanctuary protected from wildlife traffickers under regional government law, with approval now under process, highlighting the success of community conservation programs in Indonesia drawing attention from conservationists and ecotourists worldwide.

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Nat Geo explorer ship visits endangered Bali starling

National Geographic expedition ship dropped anchor at Nusa Penida, on 18 Oct 2014, bringing 85 Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust environmentalists to witness a return to the wild of Critically-endangered Bali starlings. Registered on IUCN Threatened Species List, the birds are protected by traditional laws on this three islands Bali Bird ...

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Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) is an Indonesian conservation not-for-profit organization working to protect wildlife and its habitat, at the same time as supporting local communities.

Our projects have been recognized globally by organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme, the Whitley Fund for Nature and the Rainforest Action Network.

FNPF was set up 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservationists. We receive no government funding and rely solely on the support of volunteers and donors. Read more about what we do or check out our supporters and donors.



  • Saving one of the world’s rarest birds and Bali’s emblem bird, the Bali starling, from the brink of extinction in the wild
  • The reforestation of more than 415 hectares – that’s equal to about 775 football fields – of national park and wildlife reserve in Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo





Kompas – Turis Kapal Pesiar Kunjungi Nusa Penida

“Sebagian besar wisatawan mancanegara (wisman) yang datang dengan menggunakan kapal pesiar National Geographic IV Orion ke Nusa Penida memanfaatkan waktunya untuk rekreasi melihat dari dekat pengembangbiakan Jalak Bali (Leucopsar rothschildi).”

Scientific AmericanSunday Species Snapshot: Bali Myna

“Notable conservation programs: The Bali Starling Conservation Project on Nusa Penida, which this month celebrated the birth of four healthy chicks … “

USA TodayIslands Close to Bali

“Although the hilly island of Nusa Penida has few provisions for tourists, it is a noteworthy destination for wildlife enthusiasts. An informal island-wide protective bird sanctuary has been established there by the nonprofit Friends of the National Parks Foundation.”

National Geographic (Indonesia)Kearifan Tradisi Awig-Awig Hidupkan Kembali Jalak Bali

Jakarta Globe - Conservationists Claim Success With Starlings

“FNPF, working to protect wildlife and its habitat while supporting local communities, has been deeply involved in transforming Nusa Penida into an unofficial bird sanctuary and a haven for the Bali starling.”

Sydney Morning HeraldClose to Bali, Worlds apart

“The project has been a runaway success …”

South China Morning PostNusa Penida: paradise under siege

“The birds released on Nusa Penida do well; over on Bali, where they used to try to free them in the hope they would repopulate their indigenous grounds, poachers snapped them up in no time.”

Garuda in-flight magazineAn Island Sanctuary

“The organisation’s strength is in creating community-based conservation by combining programmes that directly improve local communities through education scholarships, agro-forestry and eco-tourism.”

Jetstar in-flight magazine -Tropical paradise at work

“Dr Bayu Wirayudha, the charismatic leader of FNPF, believes the volunteer program is about cultural exchange as it is about helping in the field.”


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