News & announcements 2013

Long term volunteer needed for experience of a lifetime – September 2013

Independence Day Competitions on Nusa Penida help Students and Community Learn about Conservation and the Environment – August 2013

Microfinance project comes to Bali’s Nusa Penida island – August 2013

Rescue center visit a moment of truth for conservation students – August 2013

Our world through a volunteer’s eyes – August 2013

Grab your paint brush and broom and help us out – July 2013

Saving sea turtles on Nusa Penida - July 2013

Nature becomes a classroom for Nusa Penida students – July 2013

Cows, compost and endangered birds – July 2013

Bali starling census results out soon – July 2013

Bali Zoo book proceeds help support FNPF projects - June 2013

Changeable Hawk-eagle is released – May 2013

FNPF volunteer’s photo earns place in global competition – May 2013

Riding for Rangas 2013 – May 2013

Javan Myna release project on Besikalung – April 2013

Conservation work with Sanur students – March 2013

FNPF and UNESCO run a sandwatch training programme on Nusa Penida – February 2013

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