Coge tu pincel y la escoba y ayudarnos

JULY 23, 2013 – Los voluntarios se necesitan con urgencia para ayudar con un proyecto especial de mantenimiento en nuestro centro de rescate de vida silvestre en Tabanan, Bali.

“We need help to paint and clean up almost two dozen empty bird cages, as well as built new perching and nest boxes for each cage,” says FNPF’s CEO and Founder Dr Bayu Wirayudha.

There are 22 cages in need of repair, the biggest of which is 6m high and measures 8m by 30m in width. Volunteers don’t need any experience, but must be hardworking and able to help out for six hours each day.

Nuestro Bali Wildlife Centre Rescate, uno de los siete centros de este tipo en Indonesia, cares for and rehabilitates native endangered wildlife, mayoría de los cuales son víctimas de tráfico ilegal y la caza furtiva.

The birds that normally live in these cages were recently relocated to the Seram Bird Rehabilitation Center, on Molucas islandalso known as Maluku – in the far east of the Indonesian archipelago. The birds – 16 cockatoos and six parrots – are all endangered species and native to that area.

Si usted vive en Bali y sólo quiere venir y ayudar, no hay ningún costo – just drop us an email at the address below. For people who want to stay at our rescue center while helping out we are offering a reduced volunteering rate of US$10 a nightnormally it is about US$15. The center is simple, it has bedrooms with bunk beds, toilets, showers and a small kitchen. All of the volunteering fees are used to help cover the costs of running the rescue center and of hosting visitors.

Please be aware that volunteers helping with this short term maintenance project won’t get to handle the animals and birds at the rescue center – many of them have psychological and physical problems and need specialist care. Sin embargo, as a bonus volunteers on this project will get to tour our nearby Besikalung Wildlife Sanctuary where they can see Indonesia wildlife in its natural habitat.

“It’s a big project, enough to keep four people busy for 14 día, but of course if you are available for a shorter stint that is fine as well. If you are interested please email us asap at The work needs to be completed by August 14 and then the cages are needed again,"Dice el Dr. Wirayudha.

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