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1. Flight of freedom

La Bali Besikalung Wildlife Sanctuary – established by Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) en 2011 – is a haven for endangered birds and animals within an intact forest landscape on the slopes of Mt Batukaru, in central Bali. At a traditional temple ceremony, this Águila azor variable (Nisaetus cirrhatus) was recently released back to the wild forest sanctuary following a period of rehabilitation after confiscation from poachers by the forestry department’s Nature Conservancy Agency.

2. World heritage sanctuary

Todo sobre pájaros y animales de Indonesia están amenazados por los cazadores furtivos y los comerciantes ilegales de vida silvestre - el país tiene el segundo número más alto en el mundo de las aves amenazadas. Bordering UNESCO World Heritage-listed protected rice terracesBali Besikalung Wildlife Sanctuary is part of Bali’s largest remaining forest, spanning an area covering 5km in radius from famous Besikalung Temple and is home to Leaf monkeys, macaques and many bird species. FNPF has released dozens of birds into the Bali Besikalung Wildlife Sanctuary, including White vented mynahs, Peaceful doves and more recently Changeable Hawk-eagles.

3. Holy water blessing

In Balinese tradition, a temple priest attends all ceremonial events to offer blessings and protection. At Besikalung Temple, the FNPF bird releasing ceremonyMatur piuning – de this Changeable Hawk-eagle and other birds released back to the wild here at the sanctuary, are considered sacred and belong to the forest under the care of Nagathe Holy dragon spiritand traditional community security.

4. We have lift off!

As a small Indonesian grassroots NGO, we would not have been able to achieve what we have done to date without local support and international assistance. We would like to sincerely thank Human Society International (Australia), Nature Conservancy Agency (BKSDA), and Nagaloka Foundation – who work with local communities in skills development and preservation of culture and environment. The Besikalung community has introduced traditional laws supporting the wildlife sanctuary – the first in Bali initiated by private enterprise.

FNPF looks forward to strengthening the partnerships we have already formed and in developing new alliances to further our work to ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species in Indonesia.

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