Trabajo de conservación con los estudiantes de Sanur

Press Release – 21 MARCH 2013


Sanur Independent School planting the trees around Besikalung temple

FRIENDS of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) this week teamed with a bunch of students from all over the world to help improve the habitat of local birdlife near the village of Utu in central Bali.

FNPF and 20 students from Sanur Independent School (SIS) got together to plant about 100 trees – including pines, palms and magnolias – near the Besikalung Temple, not far from Utu, in an area which borders UNESCO World Heritage protected rice terraces. The students were also able to raise funds to support FNPF’s work.

“In a few years time these trees will provide birds in this area with vital food, shelter and a nesting area, encouraging them to stay nearby,” says FNPF Founder and CEO Drh I. Nyoman Gede Bayu Wirayudha.

Over the last few years FNPF has, with the support of the local community, twice released near the temple several species of birds which are extinct in the local area.  Through an agreement with local villages and farmers, wildlife is protected in an area 5km in radius around the temple. “FNPF hopes to be able to release more birds around Besikalung Temple over the next few years,” , dice.

Sanur Independent School teacher Sara Finnegan-Doyon says the tree planting project came about after students completed a study unit on the rainforest, the eco-system and deforestation. “I asked the kids if they wanted to put together a project to try to make a difference.”

Along with planting trees the Grade Four students, who come from countries such as Australia, France, the United Sates and Japan, also raised about 6 million rupiah to support FNPF’s work. “They did bake sales, they did a screening of a movie at a local yoga studio. They have done so much to make this happen.”

The students also visited the Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre, in southwest Bali, which FNPF has been running since 2011. “The rescue centre, one of only eight of its kind in Indonesia, is used to care for and rehabilitate birds and primates, many of which are victims of poaching and wildlife trafficking, “ says Dr Bayu.

FNPF is an Indonesian NGO working to protect wildlife and its habitat, at the same time as supporting local communities.  It operates seven sites across the Indonesian islands of Bali and Kalimantan. Its projects – which include wildlife rehabilitation, reforestación, the breeding and release of critically endangered birds, environmental education, and providing income generating opportunities for local communities – respect the interdependence of wildlife, habitat and people.

FNPF receives no government funding and rely solely on the generous support of our donors and volunteers to continue our work. Para hacer una donación, visite nuestro sitio web en

For more information or to arrange an interview please email or phone +62 361 977 978

FNPF staff and friends and teachers, parents, and students from Sanur Independent school at the entrance to Besikalung temple

on the way to the river

Having lunch on the river

Students and parents planting the trees


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