Relawan jangka panjang

We welcome a small number of volunteers with specific skills and experience to join us on a longer term basis – at least three months.

Long term volunteers work directly for our management team as members of  staff. Volunteers  are selected because they can bring considerable experience in a particular field.

These long term positions are just the same as taking a standard job, except you will be volunteering your services and receive no financial payment. You will be expected to work an specific number of hours/days per week, which we will agree together on depending on your circumstances and our needs. Because of our limited resources, we also ask you to bring your own computer.

Note that we are a small organization and have the capacity for a only small number of volunteers to work with us on a longer term basis.

What are we looking for

FNPF is looking for volunteers that can bring proven skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • marketing and communication about FNPF to a western audience (eg. fund raising and grant proposal writing, monthly updating newsletters, and writing interim and post project reports)
  • specialist technical skills (eg. wildlife rehabilitation and release; mapping and analyzing environmental conditions; computer network administration; bookkeeping, accounts and office administration; graphic design)
  • helping local communities at the project sites to develop alternative economies (e.g. eco tourism, organic farming) and/or english language teaching

Proof of financial support

It is our policy to only employ and pay local Indonesians. We do not provide any type of payment to overseas volunteers, so please do not apply  if you are looking for FNPF to contribute to any of your costs, such as visas, accommodation and food.

Volunteers should show that they are sponsored by a third party – such as VSO, AusAID, USAid, university grant – or have independent means to support themselves financially for the duration of the time with us.


You are responsible for obtaining and paying for an appropriate visa to work as a volunteer for FNPF in Indonesia. Note that a tourist visa will not permit you to work as a volunteer in Indonesia.

If you are selected to join FNPF as a long term volunteer, FNPF can provide you with a letter to hel support your application for a social and cultural visa. This type of visa will allow you to work legally as a volunteer for FNPF in Indonesia.

How to apply

Send your application to Please include:

  • A description of your skills and experience
  • A proof of financial support
  • The desired duration of your stay (at least three months)
  • The desired number of days/hours you are willing to work each week

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