Konservasi Kompetisi

Conservation education is a fundamental part of FNPF’s conservation methodology. Our reforestation and agro-forestry activities are complemented with conservation education to the farming community, and to the local children via the schools. In 2005, FNPF started an annual “conservation competition”, inviting all Nusa Penida junior highschools to compete. The competition was held on August 17th, to coincide with Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations.

In 2009, to compliment the Conservation Competition,  and with financial support from the Australian Consulate in Bali and Humane Society International Australia, FNPF produced a conservation reference book specifically for Nusa Penida and Bali. It was written in Indonesian and in 2010 hundreds of copies were freely distributed to the Nusa Penida schools. The school children use the book as a reference book for the competition.

All 11 of Nusa Penida’s junior high schools enter a team of 3 children. All 11 teams compete in the afternoon to win 1 of 3 places in the evening finals. The competition has grown each year.

In 2010, we attracted the largest ever audience. At least 300 people attended to watch the afternoon heats, and over 2 thousand people attended the evening final. This not only demonstrates the growing interest in conservation by the whole island community, but also provides FNPF with a forum to communicate conservation related questions and answers to the thousands of people in the audience.

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